There are two principal record-keeping organizations for freshwater fish: the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum (HOF). Neither has a sterling history with regard to maintaining bass fishing records.

Founded in 1939, IGFA maintained saltwater fishing records for many years before taking responsibility for freshwater records from Field & Stream magazine in 1978. Field & Stream’s long-running Big Fish Contest (1910-1977) was the source of its record entries, which were adopted by IGFA.

IGFA maintains All-Tackle, Line Class (conventional tackle), Tippet Class (fly tackle), and Junior (ages 11 to 16) and Smallfry (ages 10 and under) bass records. Line Class and Tippet Class records are divided between men (M) and women (W). Junior and Smallfry records are divided between male (M) and female (F). There are 33 world record largemouth bass categories in the IGFA record book. Currently, the IGFA all-tackle world record for largemouth bass is a tie between George W. Perry and Manabu Kurita. Fifteen of the 33 record holders were recorded in California, and four of the Line Class and Tippet Class records are currently vacant. Meredith J. McCord holds six of the records, and Robert Crupi holds four. No other angler holds more than two. For more information, visit

The HOF began keeping records in 1974 and maintains “World Fresh Water Sportfishing Records of North America.” That’s right, HOF “World” records are from North America only. We are not making this up.

HOF records are divided between “kept fish” and “catch & release,” including all-tackle and line class records for rod and reel, fly fishing, pole and line (no reel) and ice fishing (pole/line and tip-up) within both divisions. As a result, the HOF recognizes 56 different world records for largemouth bass. Check their record book. You may already be a winner!

The HOF also has categories for “Foreign Caught World Records” and “Catch and Release Foreign Records,” but none of the Micropterus (“black bass”) genus is currently included. As a result, Manabu Kurita has no share of the HOF’s all-tackle largemouth bass record.

Seventeen of the 56 HOF record holders were recorded in California, 12 in Florida, and six in Wisconsin. Javad Trew holds six HOF world records, and Robert Crupi holds three. No other angler holds more than two. For more information, visit

Even though the two primary record-keeping organizations have overlapping histories and took most of their initial records from the same source (Field & Stream), there is very little overlap among the largemouth bass records and record holders. Both organizations recognize George W. Perry as having at least a tie for the all-tackle world record. Robert Crupi and Raymond Easley are the only other anglers holding records with both the IGFA and the HOF.

IGFA World Record Largemouth Bass
Line Class
Weight, kg (lb-oz)
Catch Date
All-Tackle (Tie)
10.12 (22-04)
Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan
2 July 2009
Manabu Kurita
10.12 (22-04)
Montgomery Lake, GA
2 July 1932
George Perry
Line Class (Conventional Tackle)
Line Class
Weight, kg (lb-oz)
Catch Date
M-01kg (2lb)6.70kg (14 lb 12 oz)Castaic Lake, CA01 Jun 1992Robert Crupi
M-02kg (4lb)7.76kg (17 lb 1 oz)Castaic Lake, CA28 Dec 1990Robert Crupi
M-03kg (6lb)7.51kg (16 lb 9 oz)Lake Isabella, CA18 Mar 1998Terry McAbee
M-04kg (8lb)9.61kg (21 lb 3 oz)Oakview, CA04 Mar 1980Raymond Easley
M-06kg (12lb)9.53kg (21 lb 0 oz)Castaic Lake, CA09 Mar 1990Robert Crupi
M-08kg (16lb)9.98kg (22 lb 0 oz)Castaic Lake, CA12 Mar 1991Robert Crupi
M-10kg (20lb)8.63kg (19 lb 0 oz)Castaic Lake, CA08 Jan 1989Dan Kadota
W-01kg (2lb)2.01kg (4 lb 7 oz)Lake Camanche, CA09 Apr 2018Cazbar Saelao
W-02kg (4lb)5.33kg (11 lb 12 oz)Lake Dixon, CA28 Apr 2019Tracy Hartman
W-03kg (6lb)3.15kg (6 lb 15 oz)Further Lake, TX11 Apr 2020Meredith J. McCord
W-04kg (8lb)4.59kg (10 lb 2 oz)Lake Talquin, FL06 Dec 2015Dana Blanco Douglas
W-06kg (12lb)3.52kg (7 lb 12 oz)J.W. Corbett WMA, FL08 May 2018Emily Rose Hanzlik
W-08kg (16lb)3.80kg (8 lb 6 oz)Lake Ezekiel, TX05 Sep 2020Meredith J. McCord
W-10kg (20lb)0.00kg (0 lb 0 oz)VacantVacant
Tippet Class (Fly Tackle)
Line Class
Weight, kg (lb-oz)
Catch Date
M-01kg (2lb)3.62kg (8 lb 0 oz)Ligonier, PA25 Jun 2001Herbert Ratner Jr.
M-02kg (4lb)4.41kg (9 lb 11 oz)Lake Dixon, CA26 Apr 1999Dennis Ditmars
M-03kg (6lb)6.41kg (14 lb 2 oz)Lake Meredith, TX20 Oct 2000John Lindsey Jr.
M-04kg (8lb)7.60kg (16 lb 12 oz)Castaic Lagoon, CA26 Feb 2009Larry Kurosaki
M-06kg (12lb)6.58kg (14 lb 8 oz)Castaic Lagoon, CA24 Feb 2007Larry Kurosaki
M-08kg (16lb)5.76kg (12 lb 11 oz)Lake Dixon, CA30 Apr 1998Dennis Ditmars
M-10kg (20lb)0.00kg (0 lb 0 oz)VacantVacant
W-01kg (2lb)1.05kg (2 lb 5 oz)Lake Ezekiel, TX20 Apr 2020Meredith J. McCord
W-02kg (4lb)1.62kg (3 lb 9 oz)Lake Ezekiel, TX21 Apr 2020Meredith J. McCord
W-03kg (6lb)4.65kg (10 lb 4 oz)Lake Ezekiel, TX30 Mar 2020Meredith J. McCord
W-04kg (8lb)3.63kg (8 lb 0 oz)Encino Lake, TX10 May 2019Meredith J. McCord
W-06kg (12lb)4.76kg (10 lb 8 oz)Port Orange, FL06 May 2017Alissa Vinoski
W-08kg (16lb)0.00kg (0 lb 0 oz)VacantVacant
W-10kg (20lb)0.00kg (0 lb 0 oz)VacantVacant
Juniors and Small Fry
Line Class
Weight, kg (lb-oz)
Catch Date
F-Junior7.14kg (15 lb 12oz)Spruce Creek, FL08 May 2006Mackenzie Ruth Hickox
F-Smallfry4.00kg (8 lb 13 oz)Lake Okeechobee, FL16 Feb 2015Julia Grace Ketner
M- Junior7.73kg (17 lb 0 oz)Murray Reservoir, CA22 Mar 2000Cody Pierce
M-Smallfry6.35kg (14 lb 0 oz)Castaic Lake, CA02 Jan 1998Ryan Barnes
National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame World Record Largemouth Bass
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
All-Tackle22-4George W. PerryMontgomery Lake, GA6-2-32
Division 1 - Rod and Reel
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
2 lb.9-14Paul S. AndreaDudes Lake, FL6-17-90
4 lb.18-8Javad TrewSpring Lake, CA9-1-03
6 lb18-0Kevin M. HallHidden Valley Lake, CA4-3-90
8 lb.21-3Raymond D. EasleyLake Casitas, CA3-4-80
10 lb.21-0Robert J. CrupiCastaic Lake, CA3-9-90
12 lb.19-3Arden C. HanlineMorena Lake, CA2-15-87
14 lb.14-3Jerry McCoyLake Guerrero, Mexico5-27-89
15 lb.19-1Sandra W. DeFrescoMiramar Lake, CA3-14-88
16 lb.18-2Anthony DennyNatchez State Park Lake, MS12-31-92
17 lb.21-12Michael ArujoCastaic Lake, CA3-5-91
20 lb.18-5Porter HallLake Casitas, CA2-3-95
25 lb.15-7Evan BrockJohns Lake, FL1-1-89
30 lb.16-2Joseph SmileySt. Johns River, FL1-7-83
Unlimited16-3Henry C. Daniel Jr.Ocala National Forest, FL2/7/76
Division 2 - Fly Fishing
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
2 lb.11-8Javad TrewSpring Lake, CA12-4-04
4 lb.15-4H.L. Valentine Jr.Lake Curtis, GA8-11-01
6 lb.13-8Gene ZambaLake Tarpon, FL3-16-96
8 lb.8-14Javad TrewSpring Lake, CA5-19-03
10 lb.9-3Thomas HaroldHolt Reservoir, AL4-23-92
12 lb.9-5James M. SellersJones Lake, AL5-22-02
14 lb.8-8William E. HendrixMackeys Creek, NC6-20-92
16 lb.7-4Richard J. HaydenPerry City Lake, MO3-15-01
Unlimited12-4James W. StoneValentine Pond, GA6-30-84
Division 3 - Pole/Line/No Reel
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
Heaviest15-2Harry H. WoodsPort Afields, FL2-1-86
Division 4 - Ice Fishing
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
Pole/Line9-2David M. MontgomeryFarm Pond, IL1-6-96
Tip-Up9-0Ronald KutilekPlainfield Strip Pit, IL2-2-86
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
All-Tackle33”Bill WhippleBig Lake Toho, FL8-11-02
Division 1 - Rod and Reel
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
2 lb.27”Robert J. CrupiCastaic Lake, CA2-20-91
4 lb. (Tie)26”Javad TrewSpring Lake, CA7-4-03
Ken WestfahlShawano City Lake, WI6-19-03
6 lb.28”Javad TrewSpring Lake, CA6-1-02
8 lb.28”Joe BucherJuniper Lake, FL2-7-01
10 lb. (Tie)28”Vince LopezCastaic Lake, CA1-4-97
Alain GlanzmanLake Casitas, CA4-10-99
12 lb.30”Javad TrewSpring Lake, CA7-24-02
14 lb.28”Robert J. CrupiCastaic Lake, CA1-27-92
15 lb.27”T. Scott HartGibbon’s Creek Res., TX1-2-95
16 lb.26”Ray ZakrzewskiLake Guerrero, Mexico10-28-93
17 lb.30”Larry SpearsSam Rayburn Lake, TX7-12-95
20 lb.33”Bill WhippleBig Lake Toho, FL8-11-02
25 lb.30”Mike DanielsLake Kissimmee, FL3-16-02
30 lb.27”Douglas A. GaleCrooked Lake, FL2-22-01
Unlimited28”Larry BarkerLake Walk In Water, FL12-5-03
Division 2 - Fly Fishing
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
2 lb.16”Robert W. PfisterLake Pleasant, AZ3-8-02
4 lb.21”Robert WarneAlbion Reservoir, NY6-13-09
6 lb.22”Thomas R. Nowell Jr.Whitman Pond, MA5-15-98
8 lb.20”Matthew AllportAlbion Reservoir, NY6-13-09
10 lb.24”Robert WarneAlbion Reservoir, NY5-8-11
12 lb. (TIE)22”Jim SprengelmeyerLake Eileen, IL10-5-01
Roger Aziz Jr.Lake Attatash, MA8-1-02
14 lb.21”William RivettLake Ladora, CO6-21-96
15 lb.19”Bill FladerWitters Lake, WI6-9-15
16 lb.18”Dan McGuireSilver Lake, MN7-19-08
17 lb.18”Bill FladerWitters Lake, WI8-9-15
Unlimited24”Sean BoutrosGibbon’s Creek Res., TX10-4-94
Division 3 - Pole/Line/No Reel
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
Longest24”Barry OsbornWheeler Branch Res., TX7-1-18
Division 4 - Ice Fishing
Line ClassWeight, lb-ozAnglerWhere CaughtDate
Pole/Line22”Justin GaicheErickson Lake, WI1-30-00
Tip-Up (Tie)22”Thomas KonieczkaWillow Springs Lake, WI2-25-96
Jim SprenglemeyerPetitie Lake, WI2-23-03
Dana J. NormanManchaug Pond, MA3-8-03
Chase GaicheLake Minocqua, WI2-23-20